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    A wonderful document. I think one could read this many times and still find new things. A lot of history, as you say, a valuable primary and secondary source.

    I really liked the section “The praise of the Holy Scriptures”, a more eloquent, witty and readable essay on the sufficiency of Scripture would be hard to find.

    Also, the bit about translating from the Hebrew and Greek is noteworthy, especially for those Bible translators who try to translate from languages other than the original ones.

    Probably most interesting was the section on the “diversity of senses in the margin.” This shows the attitude of the translators and I think it puts to rest the arguments of those who say the KJV is inspired. This quote stands out, “that variety of translations is profitable for the finding out of the sense of the Scriptures: so diversity of signification and sense in the margin, where the text is not so clear, must needs do good.”


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