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    So I guess the question is: Is Calvinism an ‘acceptable difference’ or is it indeed ‘heresy’? =)

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    Jason Harris

    If we make it an inherent matter of separation, we’d have to reject William Carey, Charles Spurgeon, David Brainard, Jonathan Edwards, Benjamin Keach, Jim Elliot, A. T. Peirson, Ian Paisley, etc. All of these men were Calvinists.

    But the issue here is not Calvinism. It’s integrity. What Bauder is saying diplomatically is that Sweatt’s tactics—his approach, NOT his position—are horribly ignorant at best and openly dishonest at worst.

    This controversy is really about two things.

    1. Do Fundamentalists have to fight fair?
    2. Will the gang hold the victim down (or at least stand by idly) as he gets pummeled?

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    Everyone who takes an opposite approach to a subject is usually considered ‘horribly ignorant at best and openly dishonest at worst’.
    If we believe something is heresy and never approach it publicly – remaining diplomatically correct – are we not guilty by silence? Surely you’d agree that sometimes the right thing to say is not always the most ‘diplomatic’?

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    Jason Harris

    The point in this issue is not that Sweatt is arguing against Calvinism.

    That would be ok.

    The issue is that he is using misrepresentation and inaccuracies to do so. There is no reasonable doubt that the London Tabernacle is an example of a ministry pastored by at least four major Calvinist personalities over 300 years. In other words, his argument, whether intentionally or not, is false. It’s a lie. That is the issue here.

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    Interesting article..

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    Katie Apps

    The FBF have made previous resolutions re calvinism. They have gone on record about giving room to move on differences in this area within the fellowship.

    They need to let someone else give a rebuttal at their next meeting to be consistent with their previous resolutions.

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