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Alana Milson

Alana is a primary school teacher. She and her husband, David lived in Cairns for over 17 years but are now living in Cape York in a remote Aboriginal community. Alana enjoys teaching in many different capacities, reading missionary biographies and pursuing biblical womanhood.


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    Hi Alana – now here’s a woman talking my kind of language in my kind of world! I so have appreciated reading these – i plan to read them more than once as I think they will help on those rough days (even though the road to ‘town’ has recently been bitumenised!) thanks heaps Alana –

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    Your elegant musings were a blessing to me.

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    What can I say… that little 7 year old girl who once took my hand and led me to the poster that said, “All things work together for good to those who are called according to His purpose..” when I was agonising over some very severely chopped rubber trees (that eventually grew back lush and tall) continues to bless me with her grace and understanding of Gods ways. Thank you Alana. I’m so glad that my Driver knew so perfectly the many dirt roads that He has given me to travel on over the years. The dips never surprised Him like they surprised me. “Underneath are the Everlasting Arms”

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    Now I can think of you much more often as we travel down our bumpy dirt road (albeit much shorter!) Thanks for the description and the spiritual insights!

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    Amen, sister! The best thing about that long road to Pomp is that you (with your hospitality and many long chats) are at the end of it… your description was spot-on and your insight was a perfect parallel! you are Sharp as ever xxx


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