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Jeremy grew up in Sydney Australia. He has tertiary qualifications in business, training, and Bible. With experience in both church ministry and corporate human resources, Jeremy has a strong interest in how faith is demonstrated in our homes and workplaces. You can contact Jeremy at


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    Uganda? I wonder what sins he is confessing? Perhaps its sin against the gay and lesbian community? If it passes it’s ‘kill the gays’ bill, it will have many sins to confess after the blood it will have on its hands after imprisoning people and killing people for being who they are, or if you wrongly believe that they choose to be gay (which is even worse for them actually) to kill and imprison people for having a difference of opinion that affects no one other than the people involved i.e. something that is none of their business.

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      Jeremy Crooks

      We get it Alen. You reject God’s teaching on sexuality and so you want to find ways to slam those who don’t reject Gods teaching.

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    Jason Harris

    Jeremy, are you prepared to argue that God intends Australia to pass laws criminalising homosexual activity and introducing the death penalty for convicted offenders?

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    Firstly, this blog is about a nation’s leader repenting for the sins of a nation. This is a good news story which we should uphold and celebrate. Alen, decided to hijack the thread for his agenda.

    Secondly, I am prepared to defend the truth of God’s Word. Alen indicated that homosexuality is not a choice. Sin is always a choice for which we are responsible. 1 Corinthians 10:13.

    Thirdly, I was not arguing that Australia must introduce the death penalty for homosexuality. But I do suggest that we consider Romans 1:26-32 to see God’s view on the matter. God’s view is very different to Alen’s, but not so different to Uganda’s position.

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    Kezia Dennison

    The Webster dictionary defines homosexuality as “a tendency to sexual desire toward another of the same sex” or “a sexual attraction to persons of the same sex”. Of course it can also be defined as “sexual relations between members of the same sex”. So what do you mean when you call it a choice, Jeremy? Do you mean the act of homosexuality? Or the homosexual attraction in and of itself? And is the first the sin you talk about or are they both sin?

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    Ugandan law only defines a conviction of engaging in acts of homosexuality as an offence.

    I don’t believe being tempted (even homosexual temptation) is sin. Even Jesus was tempted.

    However, lust occurs when we give in to temptation. Lust in all its forms is sin. And we are all guilty of indulging lustful desires. What can’t be ignored is that God singles out homosexual lust as a particular mark of a reprobate mind.

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    @Jeremy, it’s not about slamming people simply because we disagree. The law regarding homosexuality is barbaric. This is no different than if Hitler prayed for the sins of his nation, and you dismiss Nazi Germany’s misdeeds and sins because the act of contrition by Hitler is a ‘good thing’. You’re praising Hitler is the moral of the story.

    I don’t understand why so many fundamentalists get their knickers in a twist over homosexuals. I don’t think you realise how extremely disturbing it is to read someone go “Look, I’m not saying we should kill gays, *but* basically I think they’re getting what’s coming to them in Uganda.

    If you actually knew Christians who (to use Christian terminology) ‘struggled with’ homosexuality I think you would be quick backtrack on your particular discrimination of them. If I was a Christian who ‘struggled’ with homosexual desires, there would be 0 chance of me seeking help from you. Food for thought.

    In the end, you give Christians a bad name, Jeremy. You should be condemning people like him for their barbaric treatment, not praising them. Anyways, I think I am done here. Can’t seem to learn that coming here raises my blood pressure.

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    Jeremy Crooks

    Wow Alen. It didn’t take you long to invoke Godwins law and compare me to supporting Hitler.

    What are you expecting me to say, “God created people gay”? He doesn’t. Genesis 1. We all sin when we are drawn away by our own lusts.

    I will again call you out. You brought up the homosexual angle. It is nowhere in the article. You are simply trolling for fight. You are not after help or the truth. I have no problem if you don’t like me as a person. The saddest part is that you reject God’s clear teaching on sin.


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