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Jeremy grew up in Sydney Australia. He has tertiary qualifications in business, training, and Bible. With experience in both church ministry and corporate human resources, Jeremy has a strong interest in how faith is demonstrated in our homes and workplaces. You can contact Jeremy at


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    If only life were so simple that the bad people were bad and got punished, the victims of sin were healed, or even better that there were no victims at all. Unfortunately that is not real life.
    I agree the actions of bashing women is horrendous and should never happen, but I also believe the meddling of Satan in people’s lives and the chemical imbalances of the physical brain that trigger mental illness should also not happen. But it does.
    The author of this article has no personal relationship with either Mathew Newton, nor his family and therefore has NO BUSINESS proclaiming judgment. This shows a complete lack of understanding of the Bipolar illness and ignorant condemnation is exactly what the world expects from loud mouthed Christians.
    Thanks for reinforcing the stereotype of the judgmental, ignorant Christian. Next time, try to remember that we are meant to be known by the Love of Christ for ALL the victims of sin on both sides of such horrendous crimes.

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    Jeremy crooks

    Lyndee. Thanks for your comment. I find it ironic that you have judged me to be judgmental. If you read my article, you would have found that I described those battling genuine mental illness as heroes.

    The true tragedy is that your line of thought enables the Matthew Newtons of the world to use real sufferers of mental illness as human shields in his PR battle.

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    Jeremy, I appreciate your views on this topic. Though, have you considered that the reason why society hasn’t seen the actions listed above is because some genuine mental health sufferes do not access the mainstream of society? I work with people with mental illness and let me tell you if given the chance, these people can do serious harm to property and people.

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      Jeremy Crooks


      You raise some good points. We absolutely need caring and firm places to ensure the safety of sufferers and society. Thank you for your daily work in this area.

      The intent of my post was to highlight the celebrity rehab/PR industry which piggy backs off mental health, but it seems the genuine challenges of the broader mental health issues in society are significant. This topic may deserve a separate post. I would welcome more of your thoughts Apo.

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    Yes, I hear you. As the posts describes, many people are not taking responsibility for their actions and we as a society are feeding into this behavior. I’ve been somewhat perplexed at how celebrities are generally treated with regards to breaking the law. How they are so easily let off because they have a bad reaction to it, or their follows do not approve, or mental health etc. etc. a good post all round.

    With regards to mental health, there is still so much unknown with regards to causes, how to best treatment etc. though, there have been significant improvements within the industry. I suppose if I were to offer anything it would be more practical ways with dealing with these people who are also made in the image of God.


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