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Jane Gibb

Jane and her husband Steve ministered at Trinity Baptist Church in Cairns, Australia for fourteen years before moving to serve as missionaries in Port Vila, Vanuatu. Jane has a bachelor of education. Jane is active in ministry in Vanuatu as well as being a busy mother of six.


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    Yes, “test everything” (v.21a), but remember that things can’t be tested when they haven’t even been seriously considered. Let’s humbly seek God to help us determine what good things to “hold fast” (v. 21b) and what to discard. ~ Many thanks.

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    Pepetua Havea

    I’m Tongan and my dad always used this saying when we were growing up. It is used when one is amused of something that it is entertaining (malie) and it also has a life lesson or a deeper meaning (lesoni) than what it really is. He would always use this around us and we would understand that evrything in life is not only entertainment or life lessons but can be both :)


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