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Jane Gibb

Jane and her husband Steve ministered at Trinity Baptist Church in Cairns, Australia for fourteen years before moving to serve as missionaries in Port Vila, Vanuatu. Jane has a bachelor of education. Jane is active in ministry in Vanuatu as well as being a busy mother of six.


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    Albert Garlando

    Spot on Jane!
    Great challenge.

    The only problem – and please take this the right way… is that this article & challenge hasn’t been written by a bloke.
    And I include myself in that indictment.

    There is considerable homophobia present in evangelical churches and in particular the independent ones. Ministering and reaching out to guys and girls in this area is something that gets a bit of lip service. But when a genuine opportunity presents… the sound of crickets and rustling tumbleweed abounds.

    It seems all to easy to get on the outrage bandwagon and lobby for family values and protest against the mardi-gra parade in Sydney. Yet it is difficult to enter into the suffering of someone else and speak the life, truth and love of God to them and serve them in a Christ-like way.

    NB: I’m not saying we shouldn’t take a strong stand in favour of the definition of marriage and family etc – I’m saying that if that’s all we do, we’re unbalanced and disobedient to our charge to love the unlovable in Christ’s name.

    Fella’s if God gives you the opportunity to befriend, love and serve a gay guy – don’t be threatened. Give him a big man hug and tell you love him with the love of Christ and let God provide you the compassion, patience and insight to disciple him.

    Homosexuality is an intangible. It’s not like drug addiction or physical suffering where the ministry that you would offer might be more well defined. But it is a case of worship and affection gone wrong – seeking sustenance from a broken cistern (aka Jer 2:13). The gospel speaks to that, just as it does to the guy lost in materialism, or the guy who beats his wife or the guy who thinks porn = reality, or the guy who’s been to church every week since he was 2 and is trusting in religion to save him – broken cisterns all – ask God to teach you how to explain the gospel to them and then look for the opportunity…

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    Helpful advice for men who have a heart to reach gay men. May God give us many people with a big heart like that! Hope lots of people read your comment, Al.

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    Stephen Wardan

    Interesting challenge! Mother suggested I read this as I’m writing an essay on the very subject for University.
    Our lecturer held some really powerful points on the subject, though he’s married with four children, he is pro-gay. He believes the Bible does not condemn homosexuality and love is for all to experience and have.

    Personally I believe that it is a sin, but just another sin. I don’t want to sound like I’m saying it’s not that bad, but then really, if a man lusts after a woman who he’s not married to, or if he lusts after another man, what real difference is there? Either way, he is committing adultery in God’s eyes.

    In my PACE’s courses, I did the Counselling series. It was really eye-opening for me to see how things develop within a person from a young age that ends up effecting their adulthood for life.
    There was a large portion on Homosexuality and one point that I found interesting was on the lines of,
    ((not quoted))
    ‘Homosexual attraction is not wrong, it is not even a sin. However when a man lusts after another man, that is when the attraction is twisted in sinful lust.’

    Of course this can apply to any sexual sin in this world. Attraction and lust… two different aspects? Or just another way to sugarcoat sin?
    I’m still trying to decide where I stand exactly on the whole subject before I start writing the essay.

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    Jane G. – brave, but well-said.

    @Albert – I think you nailed it. Homophobia is a sin. Sadly I’ve witnessed my fair share of it in independent circles and probably been guilty of it myself especially as a teenager.

    Every person is an object of God’s love irrespective of their sin, that’s the bottom line…and God is not willing that any of His creatures should perish. That’s how we get over any discomfort we might have with people caught up in any kind of life-dominating sin.

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    Aussie Bible-Believer

    There is NO Bible verse to prove that God loves Sodomites. Let’s use the word which the Bible uses to describe these perverts and not get engulfed in using the world’s terms.

    You hug the sodomites all you want mate, while the rest of the Bible-believers in this country (which we are a dying breed – but the Lord will always have a remnant) give them some hell fire preaching which they and the rest of this country needs!

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    I must read for Jane Gibb and sodomite hugger’s:
    Endorsed by such religious leaders as Archbishop Desmond Tutu and Bishop John
    Shelby Spong and named one of the Best Spiritual Books of 2008, Whosoever founder
    Candace Chellew-Hodge’s first book Bulletproof Faith: A Spiritual Survival Guide for
    Gay and Lesbian Christians is making an impact in the lives of LGBT Christians.
    Boldness Before God
    Beloved, if our hearts do not condemn us, we have boldness before God. – 1 John
    Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people are often ashamed of who they are. We
    are told, relentlessly, that unless we “change” or “pray away the gay” we will be hated
    by God. However, once we start the journey to reconcile our spirituality and our
    sexuality, we will arrive at a place where we understand, in our heart of hearts, that God
    has created us just as we are – as lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender children of
    the still speaking God.
    When we finally understand, at a deep level, that our hearts do not condemn us, we can
    have boldness before God – a boldness that lives in love and gratitude for the life that
    God has given us to live. Despite the trials of this world, we know that we are created,
    and loved, by God. What does it look like when we, as LGBT people, finally understand
    that our hearts do not condemn us? How do we live with boldness before God, and our
    fellow human beings?

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