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Alana Milson

Alana is a primary school teacher. She and her husband, David lived in Cairns for over 17 years but are now living in Cape York in a remote Aboriginal community. Alana enjoys teaching in many different capacities, reading missionary biographies and pursuing biblical womanhood.


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    Great post, it really hit home. Having done some youth work in Aboriginal communities in the past and now with the health system, I can relate to what you are seeing up there.

    God has obviously placed you there for a reason, as you said the gospel is the only solution that will bring lasting change, not only to them but to everyone.

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    Enjoying your writing on Pormpuraaw — thanks.

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    We loved your description of Pormpuraaw. Can’t believe there are no safe opportunities to swim! May you be encouraged as you keep serving Him there in the way you teach, care and love the children. Good on ya Az xxx

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    I can just see all those kids doing the things you describe even though I’ve never been there. I can hear the laughter. Some things just lodge in your mind and stay forever! X Mum


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