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Jane Gibb

Jane and her husband Steve ministered at Trinity Baptist Church in Cairns, Australia for fourteen years before moving to serve as missionaries in Port Vila, Vanuatu. Jane has a bachelor of education. Jane is active in ministry in Vanuatu as well as being a busy mother of six.


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    Jane – wonderful! Couldn’t agree more.

    I grew up singing the great hymns of the faith three times a week in our church services and the words & tunes stuck! It’s a joy every now and again to here my toddlers singing the tune of some hymn even if they can’t remember (or pronounce) the words!

    I am so thankful I was regularly exposed to these hymns and songs for now I find the words and music popping into my head without thinking and they provide rich fodder for meditation and often a reminder of just the right truth for the circumstances.

    It never ceases to amaze me how deep some of those great hymns are …

    No condemnation now I dread;
    Jesus, and all in Him. is mine!
    Alive in Him, my living Head,
    And clothed in righteousness divine,
    Bold I approach th’eternal throne,
    And claim the crown the Christ my own.

    Plenteous grace with thee is found,
    Grace to cover all my sin;
    Let the healing streams abound;
    Make and keep me pure within
    Thou of life the Fountain art,
    Freely let me take of thee;
    Spring Thou up within my heart,
    Rise to all eternity

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    Jeanette gould

    Right on Jane.
    When our kids were younger we all sang those hymns of the faith and found many situations to do so, on trips, at family devotions, and church activities,and my kids all love to sing.
    The truth of a scripture passage we were memorising, was often reinforced by those hymns.
    There seems to be a trend to modernise, and though there is good composition out there, let’s hope we don’t lose these older faith filled experiences of past generations.


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