Epistemology and Other Irrelevant Stuff

Epistemology and Other Irrelevant Stuff By Jason Harris We’re tempted at times to think the size of a word is directly proportionate to its real-life irrelevance. The longer the word—w... Read more

An Introduction to Evidentialism

Epistemology, Part One: An Introduction to Evidentialism Jason Harris Recently I’ve been studying something called evidentialism. I have to admit that I’m learning this from the... Read more

A Look at Presuppositionalism

Epistemology, Part Two: A Look at Presuppositionalism Jason Harris It’s been a while since my last heavy post. This topic has been going through my head a lot over the last several wee... Read more

Three Propositions on Rationality

Epistemology, Part Three: Three Propositions on Rationality Jason Harris It’s been a while since the second post, but the more I’ve considered these things, the more I realise just how basic... Read more

Some Conclusions

Epistemology, Part Four: Jason Harris In the last post in this series, I gave three basic propositions. 1) God is always perfectly rational. 2) In God’s image, humans are also rational. 3) H... Read more

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