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Ben Kwok

Ben is part of a church plant team establishing the Rouse Hill Church. He holds a Master of Divinity degree. Ben and his wife Diahanna live in Sydney, Australia with their four young children.


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    Jason Harris

    Wow. I’m surprised by the dominance of the Catholic/Anglican tradition. I wonder what percentage of those are active…

    Thanks for the data and the analysis.

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    Those numbers will change drastically in the next 20 years or so, as the older “religious” generation dies off and the younger “non-religious” one is counted.
    An Anglican friend was saying recently that he thinks that the Catholic and Anglican church will eventually cease to exist and most Christians will be in smaller independent churches or the larger Pentecostal ones. Time will tell.

    Some good thoughts on witnessing to people of different backgrounds, you are right, we need to be equipped to give the gospel to all, from atheists to Roman Catholics. The gospel is the same but the presentation and context may be different according to the background of the person.

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    Ben Kwok

    that sounds rather dire, but at any rate we have work to do whether it’s in season or out of season. What a great opportunity we have!

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    Thanks for the article Ben – short, sharp and very much hitting the mark.

    Though it goes against my better nature to recommend something that comes out of the News Ltd stable, today’s piece by Greg Sheridan is very interesting and highly relevant to the issues you’ve raised. I’ll say no more – have a read:

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    Ben Kwok

    Funny, I read that too — he does make good points. I don’t mind reading The Australian, I think it’s more balanced and interesting than SMH for example.

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    Evangelism Australia

    Thanks for the statistics Ben, these (and the helpful pie-chart & graph) paint a stark reality of Australia’s need for prayer, revival and Biblical evangelism.

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