NBF Adelaide: Tuesday Morning

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Hey everyone! We’ll be reporting again on the NBF this year down in Adelaide. The drive down was intense and long, but well worth it. This is my first time to Adelaide so it is kind of exciting. Our venue is quite splendid. The church is quite amazing from an architectural point of view.

This morning we had two main sessions and then a split session.

Session One: Ernie Veszely
The theme of the NBF this year is “for such a time as this” taken from the book of Esther. His message this morning was taken from Esther 4 and was titled “The hidden hand of God.”. His two main points were, 1) God’s hidden hand is guided by his providence and 2) God’s hidden hand is directed to his purpose. One excellent point that he made was in regards to God’s sovereignty over all things taken from verse 14. God’s will is not hindered even if His people disobey.

Session Two: Brad Williamson
His message this morning was titled “Challenging the Laodicean mindset.” Taken from Revelation 3. His message was an exhortation for the church to abandon the “Laodicean mindset” of shallow outward Christianity and have a heart change of a renewed focus on God and no longer remain spectators but participators in the work of God.

Youth Session: Peter Blake
I attended the youth session for the split sessions and I am so thankful to God that I did attend. The message was titled “What motivated David?”. He preached from 1st Samuel 17. He started off by giving a thorough description of Goliath and the reaction of the nation of Israel. He then focused on what were the motivations of the: Soldiers, Saul and then David. The soldiers were motivated by fear and Saul by fear and reputation. David in contrast was motivated by “The Glory of God and His Holy Name”. An excellent point was made that circumstances do not make us who we are, but merely reveal who we really are.

He then asked the question: “How do I kill a giant?”. We do so by 1) Identifying our giant 2) Choosing our battles carefully 3) Not starting with the problem, but begin with God. And lastly Don’t spectate, participate.

Another good point that was mentioned was “Some giants will never fall until God’s Glory becomes our highest motivation.”

Well that was this morning’s sessions. This afternoon we went out and had lunch at Nandos which was a wonderful time of fellowship.

Until next time, God bless!

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