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Daniel Kriss

Daniel is pastor at Mount Cathedral Community Baptist Church in Taggerty, Victoria. Daniel has studied theology and has been involved in itinerant preaching since 1999. In 2006, Daniel founded SWAT Camp which helps develop young leaders for Christian ministry. Daniel and his wife Jessica live in Melbourne. You can contact Daniel at


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    We are with you under the Juniper Tree. We have been here a short while already and we can say He is so very kind to us. You have many friends brother. In Christ, D

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    Jason Harris

    That was a blessing. It’s funny how suffering in others is inspiring, but suffering in me is just stinkin’ yuck!

    Stay in the fight, brother. There is much of the cross to be learned under that “desert shrub.”

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    Thank you for sharing these challenging times you are going through. I am sorry to hear about the loss of your father. Words can seem hollow at times like this.

    It is often darkest, right before the dawn. While the condemnation and rejection from judgemental Xians hurts, be encouraged that God is bigger and better. There is a world of His Kingdom he is waiting to show you that is sweeter than what we have seen to date.

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    Thanks a Lot


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