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Jeremy grew up in Sydney Australia. He has tertiary qualifications in business, training, and Bible. With experience in both church ministry and corporate human resources, Jeremy has a strong interest in how faith is demonstrated in our homes and workplaces. You can contact Jeremy at


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    We should not be asking “when will it end?” This story should not end. It needs to keep being talked about, it needs to keep generating discussion about sexual abuse and cover ups and the like until change begins to happen. It needs to keep being talked about and discussed and shared – especially in Christian circles where such things are rampant but hardly spoken of. Tho the story is a tragedy, we should be thanking God for the platform this story has provided for victims to speak up about their own stories – some for the first time. We should be praying for ways to use this tragedy to spur us into sharing the gospel and reaching out to the lost, the broken, and the hurting.

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    Jeremy Crooks

    Kez, that really was not my point.

    My point is that we need to accept that the Duggar girls may have forgiven the offender, moved on from being a victim, and may not see themselves as abused or oppressed. I’ll be interested to see what they have to say. If they have truly become healthy survivors, then they may prove to be helpful role models for others who are trying to overcome tragedy.

    I understand that others experiences will differ from the Duggars and thus require differing levels of support. My concern is that various people are projecting onto the Duggars something that may not be true. (e.g. some people who don’t even know them have levelled unproved allegations against them such as lies, rape, incest, etc) Others are even using the Duggar tragedy to slander Christianity and depart from the faith. That is really sad, and I want to make sure that in all the emotion, we are not going beyond the pale.

    I think we all agree that every instance of abuse is a tragedy. So by all means, let’s offer support for the abused. If Focus has been doing that quite extensively for 2 years.

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    Thank you Jeremy. An excellent article with a timely message. Abuse can take place when people make accusations without knowing the actual facts. Rumours online that are fanned into flame by raging emotions and presumptions rather than an investigation of what really took place are just another form of cyber bullying which can also cause serious damage to those who are wrongfully accused, including suicide. Such innocent victims have no means of defence, except to wait on God to vindicate in His time.

    In the meantime, we should all take instruction from the due process of investigation mentioned in Scriptures such as Deuteronomy 13:14 and 17:4, before believing “gossip” about anyone’s character, and before a verdict is formed, to make sure we are not guilty of a censorious spirit that chooses to believe the worst about people who are being accused rather than believing the best about someone until proven otherwise.


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