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Jane Gibb

Jane and her husband Steve ministered at Trinity Baptist Church in Cairns, Australia for fourteen years before moving to serve as missionaries in Port Vila, Vanuatu. Jane has a bachelor of education. Jane is active in ministry in Vanuatu as well as being a busy mother of six.


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    Robert Apps

    Jane, the fundamentalist church I belonged to for many years gave the support and help that you suggested for a mother and her children who were victims of abuse.

    Looking back, the church probably copped a lot of flack for doing what it did, but the mother was helped and cared for-had a place to worship and serve and her children flourished.

    So while fundamental churches have their weaknesses and blind spots (like any other church groups) there are still those that exist who will act graciously to those who need it the most.

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    Jane Gibb

    Thanks for pointing that out, Rob. It’s too easy to paint all “fundamentalist” churches with a broad brush, and we certainly want to give credence to the individuality of various independent churches. Unfortunately, some churches and individuals still complicate the issue for abused wives by giving them little or no room to manoeuvre under the word “submit”. I have talked to many who suffered under such false care. I’ve been guilty of offering the same one-dimensional advice myself.

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    Robert Apps

    Jane, I remember preaching at a youth camp a few years ago.

    I was dealing with submission (yes, a regular topic at such gatherings I know). I pointed out that David was right to flee Saul’s unbiblical authority (eg violent pursuit of David).

    Part of the application of that message was ‘If you are suffering abuse then go and get help!’ I put it as directly as that. The message opened up good discussions with some of the young people about abuse-how and when to get help.

    So we just need to keep preaching God’s Word- all of it