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Jane Gibb

Jane and her husband Steve ministered at Trinity Baptist Church in Cairns, Australia for fourteen years before moving to serve as missionaries in Port Vila, Vanuatu. Jane has a bachelor of education. Jane is active in ministry in Vanuatu as well as being a busy mother of six.


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    Jeremy Crooks

    Jane, this is very good and very convicting. I feel the tension between building a home of this earth and living in the reality of eternity. I really want be able say with Paul, that to live is Christ and to die is gain.

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    Jane Gibb

    Yes, I think “tension” is the right word to describe the pull of now against the pull of eternity. Thanks for sharing.

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    Bobby Emberley

    One of my college professors described worldliness as essentially a lack of God. The same chapter in James that says “friendship with the world is enmity with God” also gives the illustration of making plans without any inclusion of God. As Christians we too often go about our lives without thought of God and in so doing live our lives exactly as the world does.

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    Jason Harris

    I think it’s Jim Berg who defines worldliness as anything that leaves God out of the picture. I find that definition helpful in my life.


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