Daniel Kriss on “Theological Meditations on the Gospel”

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Theological Meditations on the Gospel, Jason HarrisJason Harris’ book Theological Meditations on the Gospel is a wonderful introduction to the great themes of the Gospel. This book is well suited for the recently converted Christian, the curious teen and any believer who desires a clear, concise compendium of the salvation message. So many Christians appear to cruise through their lives without taking an active interest in the workings of their salvation. This book prompts the believer to seriously consider and study the core elements of the faith, and understand them for all their worth. I am thankful for Jason’s zeal for the gospel and his willingness to publish gleanings from his personal studies. Don’t just read this book for its academic value, read it again and again until the truths become more than just a mental exercise and you can truly say “What a God!”

Daniel Kriss
Pastor, Mount Cathedral Community Baptist Church

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