R. A. Torrey’s ten reasons the Bible is the Word of God

I was brought up to believe that the Bible was the Word of God. In early life I accepted it as such upon the authority of my parents, and never gave the question any serious thought. But lat... Read more

Why TR-onlyism is necessarily rooted in Ruckmanism

Those who hold to a TR-only position like to think that they hold a moderate position. They typically repudiate the extremes of Ruckmanism in the strongest terms while repudiating the... Read more

Pastor or Pope?

The subject at hand is extremely controversial and the ramifications of such an article will no doubt cause me open contempt, disrespect and possibly the label of ‘heretic.’ In s... Read more

Bible Reading: Pick Your Plan for 2012

Personal Bible reading can be a glorious adventure or a guilt-burdened duty.  Choosing a Bible reading plan that fits your life may be part of the key to finding delight within the pages of... Read more

The Benefits of the Bible (Part 2)

Introduction: Last week I began a 2 part series on 9 benefits of the Word of God. I have already explained the first 5 benefits: 1. The Word of God is Pure. 2. The Word of God is Pertinent.... Read more

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