Every Day is Precious

Every day is precious. Don’t waste even one. Read more

Deliberate living: death of spontaneity?

Does deliberate living spell death for spontaneity? I’ve been thinking this through over the last two weeks as several people brought it up in the comments here and here. Here are my t... Read more

The deliberate Christ

To be deliberate is to always move forward with the destination in mind. Perhaps the most striking picture of the deliberate Christ is found in Luke 9:51: “He set his face to go to Jer... Read more

Deliberate living

Every believer is responsible to conduct himself deliberately. Let me explain what I mean. To live deliberately is to live on purpose. It’s the opposite of letting life happen to you.... Read more

Whose Hero?

Whose Hero?

Remember in the  Princess Bride when Miracle Max pumps the mostly-dead Westley’s mouth with air from the bellows and bawls at him: “Hey!  Whaddya got that’s worth living for?” With the mirac... Read more

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