Sexual Detox

Sexual Detox

I recently read Tim Challies’ little book Sexual Detox, which is a great help for Christian men in our pornified culture.  The book includes a sobering description of the nature and ef... Read more

Descending to the dungeon

The great English Baptist, Charles Spurgeon, loved to allude to his second favourite book in his writing and preaching. One such allusion is found in Spurgeon’s statement below:... Read more

Considering Creation

Our church is providing another creation science event, with speaker Dr George Matzko (Bob Jones University).  The first topic was “Design in Nature,” which surveyed various ways... Read more

When you’re the broken arm in the body of Christ

Teaching, cleaning, painting, singing… life is busy in the body of Christ. But what about when it isn’t? What about when you can’t teach and you can’t clean? You... Read more

Thinking about Possessions

One of my prized childhood possessions was a helicopter toy with moving rotors.  You could place two figures into the helicopter and it had spring-loaded missiles.  One day after church, we... Read more

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