Heart Matters

When I purchased my last car (a Mazda 6) there was a tense battle between my head and my heart. My heart wanted the luxury model with leather seats, sunroof and Bose sound system.  My head s... Read more

Hope for Homosexuals

In the last blogging segment I wrote a post called “Straight Talk about Gay Guys”, trying to touch on the issue of homophobia in our local churches and in ourselves.  The topic of homosexual... Read more

Doubt: A Self Examination

This quote from Tim Keller’s The Reason for God has really challenged my thinking over the past two weeks: “A faith without some doubts is like a human body without any antibodies in i... Read more

Straight Talk about Gay Guys

He was massaging my scalp and crooning a love song, twirling just a little in his high heels.  My hairdresser, that is.  Hot numbers from the karaoke all-time favourites list are his special... Read more

What’s Your Style?

I  worked part-time in a department store during my seminary years.  The store promoted clothing from Ralph Lauren and other brands, with glossy posters and creative displays.   Each brand p... Read more

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