This week we saw the passing of Steve Jobs.  Without doubt he achieved remarkable feats in technology, business, his career and social change.   I admire much of what he did with his 56 year... Read more

Breaking Down Discrimination

We have heard that the path to God is ‘narrow’.   In the OT, the path to salvation was restrictive.    While God laid out a path through his chosen people, the Jews created artif... Read more

Our Promised Future?

As the technology age dawned, our social future looked bright. We were ‘promised’ prosperous times with satisfying jobs, lives of leisure and flying cars. Yet, more than ever, po... Read more

His weakest moment

It’s a funny thing about life. It’s easy to judge someone… until you know them. We were living in close quarters and he really got under my skin. He wasn’t likeable l... Read more

Heart Matters

When I purchased my last car (a Mazda 6) there was a tense battle between my head and my heart. My heart wanted the luxury model with leather seats, sunroof and Bose sound system.  My head s... Read more

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