Dear Thomas, (Why I think David is wrong about your same-sex attraction)

I think he's wrong. Dangerously and destructively wrong. By dangerously and destructively, I mean that I think Christians have died because of this error. And many have left the church menta... Read more

On Phil Johnson and same-sex attraction

Phil Johnson recently began stirring the pot on the non-neutrality of same-sex attraction (SSA). You can read it here and here. It’s the sort of cantankerous monologue you’d expe... Read more

Should I give up my seat for a woman?

It may seem common for the workplace to be made up of men and women. However going back a few generations, females in the office, factory or worksite were uncommon. In that same era, gentlem... Read more

R U O K ?

Stressed, Anxious, Depressed?  Suicidal? Why can’t I just be happy?   It seems like my state is an involuntary cage from which I can’t escape.  Does that resonate? Yesterday was... Read more

A magnificent repentance!

I used to think that legalism was externally imposed. I had recently read Bridges’ Transforming Grace and had begun to see the grip that legalism had on my life. My security in God... Read more

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