Of Relationship and an Open Mind

I try to keep an open mind. You can broach just about any subject with me and I’m willing to listen and consider other perspectives… usually. There’s one thing that tends t... Read more

Resources For Youth Groups

For teens, youth group can be a great way to have fun and to learn and live out the Word.  But for leaders, it’s often a challenge to juggle activities and provide proper instruction.... Read more

God’s Love Demonstrated

Thanks to Facebook, I recently saw something I had not seen before in a wedding, from a couple I knew from uni.  Both are musicians and in their wedding, the groom chose to sing to his bride... Read more

Designer Furniture & Monks

I recently read an article about designer furniture on a domestic flight in China. In summary: 1) The wealthy in China have property and technology, 2) Furniture will be the next status symb... Read more

Insights For Easter

This time of year is a great opportunity to reflect on Jesus’ death and resurrection. Here are some insights gleaned from John Stott’s The Cross Of Christ: “In the Christian theo... Read more

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