R U O K ?

Stressed, Anxious, Depressed?  Suicidal? Why can’t I just be happy?   It seems like my state is an involuntary cage from which I can’t escape.  Does that resonate? Yesterday was... Read more

Grace-Based Confession

Bobby Emberley is in his last year of his bachelor’s degree programme at Bible college in the US.  As a “pastor’s kid” brought up in a fundamental church and Christian school, he is well acq... Read more

Broken Cisterns: The Distorted Theology of Spiritual Addiction

Halloween season has just come and gone in the US.  It’s a time where ghosts and zombies and other  other-worldly bad guys get their airtime and are erected on stakes in town centres across... Read more

Feeling Guilty, Feeling Good:  The Twisted Self-Tortures of Spiritual Addictions

Her stricken face is etched in my memory.  An out-of-town visitor to our church, the troubled woman approached us in anguish after the service.  Her problem?  Our church’s failure to have an... Read more

Risking Grace, Reaping Growth

The church auditorium buzzed with dozens of conversations during the after-church fellowship.  Zoning out the background clamour, Bill’s attention focused on Dan’s wrinkled brow and troubled... Read more

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