The Gospel At Work: City Bible Forum

Sydney tourists can see a 360-degree panorama of the city from Sydney Tower (also known as Centrepoint Tower).  It’s a great way to visualise Sydney, home to four million residents. From tha... Read more

Insights For Easter

This time of year is a great opportunity to reflect on Jesus’ death and resurrection. Here are some insights gleaned from John Stott’s The Cross Of Christ: “In the Christian theo... Read more

Evangelism In Australia

Have you ever wished your church was more effective in evangelism?  Or that your church could connect better with your community?  You might be interested in these statistics.  The 2006 Nati... Read more

Whoever Believes

The blogging segment is over, so I’m taking a break today. But while I’ve got you here, I’d encourage you to watch this clip. It’s John Piper. A bona fide, five point... Read more

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