How can I be glad in God’s anger?

“How do you reconcile the angry, wrathful God of the Old Testament to the loving, good God of the New Testament?” It’s a question that I’ve wrestled with and am often... Read more

Some thoughts on the Muslim riots in Sydney

The image to the right genuinely shocked me on Saturday. Not really because of what the sign said—that is nothing new. Not particularly because it was a small child holding it, though that i... Read more

“God and Stephen Hawking” by John Lennox

Lennox, John. God and Stephen Hawking, Whose design is it anyway? Oxford: Lion, 2011. 96 pages. [xrr rating=4.5/5] This book is a simple reply to Stephen Hawking’s The Grand Design. Le... Read more

“Gunning for God” by John Lennox

Lennox, John. Gunning for God, Why the New Atheists are Missing the Target. Oxford: Lion, 2011. 231 pages. [xrr rating=4.5/5] This book addresses a particular subset of Atheists—the self-sty... Read more

Do I have enough faith?

The strength of your faith is not the big deal you might think it is. Jesus made it clear that even the most miniscule amount of faith (think mustard seed) is enough to move mountains. The i... Read more

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