How to Disagree without ‘Falling Out’

A life principle I try to live by is to not burn bridges.   You never know when you will need to cross them again.   However, we often live life so ‘pig-headedly’ that when we ha... Read more


Since the fall, we are all destined to die.  However we were created to live, not to die.   Death is not how God intended this world to be.   In creation, death was not natural, but now it i... Read more

Pastor or Pope?

The subject at hand is extremely controversial and the ramifications of such an article will no doubt cause me open contempt, disrespect and possibly the label of ‘heretic.’ In s... Read more

When Were You Saved?

It  is a common question that we often ask new people that we meet.   It is an important question, because it reflects our eternal destiny.   However, the answer to this question is not as s... Read more

“But he’s NOT a Baptist”

Conservative Fundamentalism and the Independent Baptist Movement of our day has formulated a set of unwritten rules and regulations which men and women are expected to abide by. These have n... Read more

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