As I grew up, one of my favourite hymns was ‘Trust and Obey’.   Along with other songs like ‘OBEDIENCE Is…’, I was taught the Ephesians 6:1 principle of ‘... Read more

The Debt Bomb

The last 50 years has seen an incredible and unprecedented increase in the level of personal and public debt.  Here are some examples of how debt has wired itself into our lives. Housing Deb... Read more

Lessons from the Scandal

Over the past week, a ‘scandal in fundamentalism’ has unfolded. There is nothing new about ‘pastors’ sinning and disqualifying themselves from ministry. Unfortunately... Read more

How Essential is a Literal View of Creation?

Seemingly, one of the biggest dividing lines among Christians seems to be 1. those who believe that God created the universe in 6 literal days and 2. those who believe that God created the u... Read more

How to Disagree without ‘Falling Out’

A life principle I try to live by is to not burn bridges.   You never know when you will need to cross them again.   However, we often live life so ‘pig-headedly’ that when we ha... Read more

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