As I grew up, one of my favourite hymns was ‘Trust and Obey’.   Along with other songs like ‘OBEDIENCE Is…’, I was taught the Ephesians 6:1 principle of ‘... Read more

“The Local Church” by John Halsey

Halsey, John. The Local Church, Revised Edition. Fort Pierce, Florida: Faith Baptist Church Publications, 1999. 97 pages. [xrr rating=2/5] It is difficult to review objectively the work of o... Read more

Tony Payne on Church Programs

My brother sent me an article from Tony Payne (Publishing Editor for Matthias Media) that went off like a bomb in my mind.  Take five minutes and read it here. Here’s a quote to wet yo... Read more

The Gideons

Last Saturday night, I had the privilege of attending a Gideon’s support dinner to raise funds for Bible distribution in Guatemala and Nicaragua.   Prior to the evening, my perception... Read more

Can I take a Christian to court?

Living in a broken world is messy. It would be nice if everyone saw eye-to-eye and problems were easily resolved. Unfortunately, this is rarely the case. Even believers sometimes find themse... Read more

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