How “(500) Days of Summer” could help you make sense of the gospels

It may be classified as a “romcom,” but the subtitle corrects any such misconception: “This is not a love story. This is a story about love.” The 2009 film, starring... Read more

How to Run Through the Pain

With the 2012 London Olympics having come to a conclusion, many of us have witnessed the incredible efforts of talented athletes. Australia was somewhat disappointed with our overall medal r... Read more

Losing The Gut

After all the gluttony and indulgence of the Christmas feasting traditions, we come to the verge of the new year.  Typically this is when we all make resolutions to change and reform our beh... Read more

Bible Reading: Pick Your Plan for 2012

Personal Bible reading can be a glorious adventure or a guilt-burdened duty.  Choosing a Bible reading plan that fits your life may be part of the key to finding delight within the pages of... Read more

Taking America Out of the Bible

As an Australian, I realise just how much American culture has influenced today’s Christian practices.   Because the USA has been the world’s leading ‘Christian’ supe... Read more

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