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Book and media reviews

A Brief Review of BeDuhn’s “Truth in Translation”

I recently read Jason David BeDuhn’s Truth in Translation and found it deeply intriguing and at times disturbing. I’ll give some positive points and then I’ll list my conce... Read more

Learning Our Christian Heritage

Australian Christian Life Since 1788: An Introduction And Anthology.  Iain Murray.  Edinburgh: Banner of Truth, 1988. 357 pages. With this book, Iain Murray has provided a great resource for... Read more

Australia: A New History of the Great Southern Land

Why do we celebrate Australia Day? Based on a 2006 federal survey of 10,000 Year 10 students and 10,000 Year 6 students, more than three-quarters of Australian teens did not know that Austra... Read more

Why Men Hate Going To Church

Why Men Hate Going To Church. David Murrow. Nashville: Thomas Nelson, 2005.  248pp. I was required to read this book and I opened it with curiosity, as I often interact with guys who have no... Read more

Learn From A Swan

(I am traveling in the US until mid-February, so my initial posts will be based on books I’ve read recently.) The Legacy of Sovereign Joy is one of Piper’s biographical series, T... Read more

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