Soul-Stirring Music

Have you ever experienced this?  You’re in church, singing with the congregation, and suddenly a line from the text becomes highlighted in your mind.  You’re arrested by its trut... Read more

Enjoying Communion

I feel especially blessed to have attended church from childhood! But one risk of growing up in church is that you can become mentally mechanical during the church service. Communion time is... Read more

A Missionary Melody

My pastor, Steven Mock, preached on Psalm 96 on Sunday. He called this Psalm “a missionary melody.” “Declare his glory among the nations, his marvelous works among all the... Read more

Why The Gospel Is Good News

I’m reading John Piper’s God Is The Gospel, where he asks: “Why is the Gospel good news?” The reason this must be asked is that there are seemingly biblical answers t... Read more

Why Men Hate Going To Church

Why Men Hate Going To Church. David Murrow. Nashville: Thomas Nelson, 2005.  248pp. I was required to read this book and I opened it with curiosity, as I often interact with guys who have no... Read more

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