Anyone for Easter Eggs?

A reader of this blog has raised the question: “Do independent churches make too little of Easter?”  On my way to church last Sunday I passed several children carrying palm branches to churc... Read more

An Underwater Gospel

We have lived in Cairns now for almost 5 years. In that time I have dropped off many a visitor to the Cairns Marina for a day out ‘on the reef’. It was only a couple of months ag... Read more

Musically Challenged

Is music moral? In other words can music be either moral or immoral? That is the question that a lot of us have asked ourselves. Some of us may believe music is amoral and others believe it... Read more

Church Music Training

Last weekend I attended a training seminar on church music, provided through a local Bible institute.  Over fifty people attended from various independent churches, including a couple from M... Read more

It depends….

Thanks for your thoughtful responses to my last post on altar calls.  The consensus is – “it depends.”  So my next question is – it depends on what? Let’s talk about the factors determ... Read more

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