Should I give up my seat for a woman?

It may seem common for the workplace to be made up of men and women. However going back a few generations, females in the office, factory or worksite were uncommon. In that same era, gentlem... Read more

Complement, Coworker or Doormat?

Three main streams of thought on the roles of men and women exist within the church.   They are briefly defined below.  For a fuller explanation, click here. Complementarianism (n.) The beli... Read more

Pastor’s Wife or Superwoman?

The yellowing leaves of ancient trees shivered in the early autumn breeze.  The picnic food was gone, but the church people lingered to chat.  A woman with a troubled expression pulled up he... Read more

Helping Oppressors or the Oppressed?

Because the weight of the recent discussion about wifely submission has leaned towards the topic of abuse within marriage, I’ve been seeking the Lord for more clarity on this painful issue. ... Read more

Grace for Slackers

“Woman, get in your place and stay there!”  With these words in last week’s post I was preaching boldly to myself while some of my readers were startled.  If you are a woman who has heard th... Read more

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