And so begins Series 4 of our Marital Abuse posts – Helping the Abused. Up until now, my goal has been to define abuse.  Below is a convenient list of topics we’ve covered with each li... Read more

Why Abusers Abuse #3 – Abusive Background

In this series 3 on “Why Abusers Abuse”, we discussed the lust for power and how it turns into an addiction. One other idea to explore is the part an abuser’s background pl... Read more

Why Abusers Abuse #2 – Addiction

In the last post , I suggested that narcissistic obsession with power is the root of abusive behaviour. It does not take many instances in which a new husband exerts his authority at the exp... Read more

Why Abusers Abuse –  Power

Abuse is evil. God hates it! 1   Why does an abuser abuse? What is going through his mind?!   Abuse of Power “Abuse implies there is power given for the purpose of protecting and build... Read more

Why the Abused Stay/Reasons Other Than Fear

  Series 1 – How to Spot An Abuser; Read more

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