Why I Don’t Call Myself Reformed

For over 20 years I have been exposed the the Calvin vs. Arminian debate (also known as Reformed vs Free Will theology). I have been in churches on both sides of the debate and let me descri... Read more

Love a Good Sex Scandal?

The rise of sex scandals in modern life is amazing and sad. While nothing shocks me anymore, I continue to be disappointed by the number of leaders – Christian and non-Christian – who lack i... Read more

What is the future for Israel?

Today, September 23rd 2011, is the day that Palestine will ask the United Nations to vote on its statehood.   I have no idea whether this request will be passed or vetoed; and whether its af... Read more

Does architecture enhance worship?

I enjoyed visiting St. Stephen’s Anglican Church in Newtown (Sydney) on Saturday for a wedding.  The church was constructed in the 1870s by Edmond Blacket.  You would probably be more famili... Read more

Labels … More Harm than Good?

Do you every wonder why Spirituality is respected, but Religion is a dirty word?  Consider the myriad of Christian terms: Protestant, Orthydox; Reformed, Charismatic;  Fundamentalist, Evange... Read more

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