Evangelical Christianity (From the End of the 19th Century to the Present)

Recently, a friend was asking me about modern church history. By the time I’d finished explaining bits and pieces of it, I had the broad scheme of Evangelical Christianity over the las... Read more

Church History & the independent churches in Australia

I would like to discuss church history within the context of the independent church movement from a historian’s perspective. Independent churches (by nature of their definition) are not conn... Read more

Good Books

I once read a survey which listed top books recommended by evangelical leaders.  It was fascinating to discover which books had influenced the minds of great pastors and leaders.  Theologica... Read more

Australia: A New History of the Great Southern Land

Why do we celebrate Australia Day? Based on a 2006 federal survey of 10,000 Year 10 students and 10,000 Year 6 students, more than three-quarters of Australian teens did not know that Austra... Read more

Our Country, Our Responsibility

Revival in Australia, Part Four By Jason Harris This brief series on revival in Australia has not been an overview, but merely a few brief windows into the rich spiritual heritage of our nat... Read more

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