Charles Spurgeon on Sin

Henceforth we should not serve sin. Romans 6:6 “Christian, what do you have to do with sin? Has it not cost you enough already? Burned child, will you play with fire? When you have alr... Read more

The Providence of God

By Nabeel Zaydan As we live our days, sometimes we’re going along and suddenly we’re knocked down by some unexpected circumstance. Everything is out of focus and we begin gasping... Read more

What Australia Really Needs

By Jason Harris You may expect me to say that what Australia really needs is revival, and that is what we need, but not the kind of revival that you may be thinking. Many think of revival as... Read more

What Do I Know About My God?

By Mardi Collier This is a start to a list of the characteristics of God that will help you in your study of beginning to know Him. It is vitally important to study Who our God is and have a... Read more

Worship… The Real Thing

A closer look at our worship. By Jason Harris Speaking with various leaders about music and the worship service, people kept saying “something’s missing.” Maybe we can... Read more

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