R U O K ?

Stressed, Anxious, Depressed?  Suicidal? Why can’t I just be happy?   It seems like my state is an involuntary cage from which I can’t escape.  Does that resonate? Yesterday was... Read more

The fellowship of the dead

I wonder if any genre has so much to offer the believer as biography. There is wonderful fellowship to be had among those whose lives ended even before ours began. Muster of the dead Hundred... Read more


As I grew up, one of my favourite hymns was ‘Trust and Obey’.   Along with other songs like ‘OBEDIENCE Is…’, I was taught the Ephesians 6:1 principle of ‘... Read more

“A Bunch of Everlastings” by F. W. Boreham

Boreham, F. W. A Bunch of Everlastings. London: King & Jarrett, Ltd., 1920. 252 pages. [xrr rating=5/5] Dr. Andrew Corbett, who is currently preparing a documentary on the life of F. W.... Read more

How to Run Through the Pain

With the 2012 London Olympics having come to a conclusion, many of us have witnessed the incredible efforts of talented athletes. Australia was somewhat disappointed with our overall medal r... Read more

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