Free To Forgive

I read Corrie Ten Boom’s life story The Hiding Place when I was a boy.  I remember being moved by her family’s courage in sheltering Jews during the Nazi occupation, until they w... Read more

Watch This Space

I’ve spent the past two months researching the lives of Fred and Sybil Pucknell. Not a minute has been wasted. Not one email or one letter. I have enjoyed receiving every piece of the puzzle... Read more

As Unto The Lord

  He was born in 1898 in London, England. While studying engineering, World War One was devastating countries, people’s ideals and families. The Army Flying Corp which later became the... Read more

Moving Men

Hudson Taylor Part 2 ‘To me it was a very grave matter,’ he (Hudson Taylor) wrote that winter, ‘to contemplate going out to China, far from all human aid, there to depend upon the living God... Read more

The Making of a Missionary

Hudson Taylor Part 1 Many years ago I read “Hudson Taylor’s Spiritual Secret” (Dr and Mrs Howard Taylor, Moody Bible Institute of Chicago, 1989) It was just what I needed. It was full... Read more

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