NBF Adelaide: Thursday Morning

The last day of a conference is always good because you can come late and still get a good seat—everyone else has slept in and is coming in late as well! The morning started out with mission... Read more

NBF Adelaide: Wednesday Morning

Roger Monosmith spoke for the first session. I ended up missing the second session. The third session was a split session. I’m told the men’s session with Buddy Smith was a profitable messag... Read more

NBF Adelaide: Tuesday Evening

Alen and I are taking turns on this thing so tonight is my turn. This afternoon we ended up back at our lodging doing the usual solve-all-the-problems-of-the-world-in-a-single-sitting thing.... Read more

Blogging the NBF… Once Again

It’s that time of year again. I’m heading out tomorrow morning for my annual pilgrimmage to wherever the NBF (National Baptist Fellowship) happens to be—Adelaide in this case. I... Read more

Live Blogging the Annual AFBC Conference

This week, Wednesday to Friday, is the annual Australian Fellowship of Bible-Believing Churches Bible Conference in Sydney. I felt that it would be good for us to be aware of what’s go... Read more

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