A Call to Serious Reading, Part One

By Jason Harris If you had the opportunity to spend several hours with any leader in the world, would you take it? Probably all of us would jump at the chance. You may not have the opportuni... Read more and the Future of Australia is a Fundamentalist forum community. The membership is mostly young people in Australia. This article is posted here primarily for our forum membership, but may also be of so... Read more

What Australia Really Needs

By Jason Harris You may expect me to say that what Australia really needs is revival, and that is what we need, but not the kind of revival that you may be thinking. Many think of revival as... Read more

The Cyber-Phenomenon

By Jason Harris Virtual reality implies artificial, but the cyber-phenomenon that dominates today’s generation is anything but artificial. The rise of interactive web-based services su... Read more

Levels Of Beliefs

There are many things that good conservative people disagree on. Are they all equally important or are there some things that are less important than others? The answer to this question will... Read more

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