Is giving to my church tax deductible in Australia?

Believe it or not, there are some places in the world where your offerings at church are tax deductible. This has resulted in a steady stream of searches coming through to InFocus with peopl... Read more

Are House Price Increases Evil?

I am about to step up on my soapbox. The biggest domestic social justice issue today is unaffordable housing.  I have written about this previously, but the situation is even more acute now,... Read more

Defining Ourselves

In today’s world of social media, personal branding has become ‘important’.    Many people are concerned about how they are perceived and how others define them.   Facebook... Read more

Relationship Conflicts

A sad characteristic that follows some people is the need to be critical or in conflict. This 'way of relating' is often observed in 'independent churches' who have made an art form of it. H... Read more

Jesus is NOT the Reason for the Season

If you remove all the presents, the Christmas tree, Santa Claus, Father Christmas, the tinsel, the lights, the family get-togethers, the roast lunch/dinner can you still celebrate Christmas?... Read more

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