Why I log on to

Sometimes I log on for fun. Sometimes I log on just because I’m in the mood. Sometimes I log on because I need encouragement. Sometimes I log on because I’m eager to reap from th... Read more

Why I Still Log on to

The article following (in the next post) was originally published on InFocus (back when it was called the “Fundamentalist Resource Centre”) back in July 2005. It’s been a w... Read more

My Burden for the Australian Blogosphere

Atmosphere could be defined as the weather or climate at some place. So is it even logical to refer to “the Australian atmosphere”? After all, the Australian atmosphere today ma... Read more and the Future of Australia is a Fundamentalist forum community. The membership is mostly young people in Australia. This article is posted here primarily for our forum membership, but may also be of so... Read more

The Cyber-Phenomenon

By Jason Harris Virtual reality implies artificial, but the cyber-phenomenon that dominates today’s generation is anything but artificial. The rise of interactive web-based services su... Read more

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