Losing The Gut

After all the gluttony and indulgence of the Christmas feasting traditions, we come to the verge of the new year.  Typically this is when we all make resolutions to change and reform our beh... Read more

Is Health Insurance A Good Investment?

A young couple in a church I attended in the US, claimed they did not need health insurance.  “God would provide for their needs”, they firmly believed.   When they had a signifi... Read more

How Many Kids Should I Have?

The average Australian family size with 2.4 kids is not as common as it use to be.  Increasingly small sedans are making way for either Toyota Coasters or a Mazda MX5s.   When we look to the... Read more

Sexual Detox

Sexual Detox

I recently read Tim Challies’ little book Sexual Detox, which is a great help for Christian men in our pornified culture.  The book includes a sobering description of the nature and ef... Read more

Descending to the dungeon

The great English Baptist, Charles Spurgeon, loved to allude to his second favourite book in his writing and preaching. One such allusion is found in Spurgeon’s statement below:... Read more

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