On Steve Pettit as the new president of Bob Jones University

My alma mater and the flagship educational institution of American Fundamentalism, Bob Jones University, has just announced the appointment of Steve Pettit as the fifth president of BJU. I r... Read more

“But he’s NOT a Baptist”

Conservative Fundamentalism and the Independent Baptist Movement of our day has formulated a set of unwritten rules and regulations which men and women are expected to abide by. These have n... Read more

16 reasons crime should not be handled in-house

Ministry means working with people. And people are sinners. So those who are ministering to others will at times find themselves knee deep in messy situations. Unfortunately, these situation... Read more

Whatever Happened to Fundamentalism?

‘Holding faith, and a good conscience; which some having put away concerning faith have made shipwreck.’ 1 Tim.1:19 There is so much discussion occurring in magazines, blogs and the pulpits... Read more

Labels … More Harm than Good?

Do you every wonder why Spirituality is respected, but Religion is a dirty word?  Consider the myriad of Christian terms: Protestant, Orthydox; Reformed, Charismatic;  Fundamentalist, Evange... Read more

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