Of Relationship and an Open Mind

I try to keep an open mind. You can broach just about any subject with me and I’m willing to listen and consider other perspectives… usually. There’s one thing that tends t... Read more

Resources For Youth Groups

For teens, youth group can be a great way to have fun and to learn and live out the Word.  But for leaders, it’s often a challenge to juggle activities and provide proper instruction.... Read more

Book Review: The Well-Educated Mind

Last week, I wrote that we should spend more time learning “how to think.”  This book helps you to learn “how to think.”  So for the curious or the busy – here’s a book review. Susan Wise Ba... Read more

Knowledge Nation

My apologies for not posting this morning or last week.   I’ve been thinking a lot about canonicity and Christian education in the past two weeks – here’s a side discussion off of what I’ve... Read more

Three Errors in Establishing Church Ministries

A good friend and mentor taught this personal life lesson to me. NO VISION, NO ABILITY TO EXECUTE “We’ve tried it before.”  “That won’t work here.”  “I’m too busy.” It can be very dishearten... Read more

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