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Jason loves to communicate God's word both in the local church and at conferences and retreats. Jason has been involved with Worship Music since 1996 and InFocus since 2005. Jason has degrees in theology, music, accounting, and research and is currently a PhD candidate and lecturer in the College of Business, Law, and Governance at James Cook University, Cairns. Jason is also a pastor at CrossPoint Church. You can contact Jason at


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    This is EXCELLENT! The first picture is the best I’ve ever seen as an illustration of a self-refuting statement of that type.

    Thanks. Another thing that can help is to disambiguate ourselves from obvious evil dogmaticisms, such as some of that being described by the Stanford graduate Sam Harris in a book of his I’m reading, called The End of Faith. He has precisely one verse, as I recall, against the New Testament (the one where Paul blames “the Jews” for killing the Lord Jesus and the prophets), and pages and pages of explicit citations of the Koran to show its menacing comments on every page, yet he lumps all “faith” into one category, because he things “faith” just means believing something without reason, that God wrote your book.

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    Jason Harris

    That’s a good point Larry. We create a damaging distraction when we are dogmatic about things that God is not dogmatic about or when we focus on peripherals instead of the gospel.


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