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Jason Harris

Jason loves to communicate God's word both in the local church and at conferences and retreats. Jason has been involved with Worship Music since 1996 and InFocus since 2005. Jason has degrees in theology, music, accounting, and research and is currently a PhD candidate and lecturer in the College of Business, Law, and Governance at James Cook University, Cairns. Jason is also a pastor at CrossPoint Church. You can contact Jason at


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    Jason Harris

    Sorry I accidentally had comments closed. Fixed now.

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    Kezia Dennison

    Thanks. =)

    The beginning of this post describes me to a T. I used to even base whether or not I could pray for anything on whether I’d been good enough to deserve to have it answered. Sometimes I still find myself falling back into that way of thinking and struggling with the insecurity that comes with it so this post was really encouraging to me. Thank you for sharing it… =)

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    Thanks for this! While reading thru, I felt as if you were describing my life. How true it is that we can never be secure if we based our security on performance, you’re spot on!

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    Jason, love this post. Kezia’s application of it to prayer is similar to an experience I sometimes have during prayer, of ‘realizing’ that I’m praying, then thinking something like ‘hey, isn’t that good, that you’re praying.’ And then my conscience returns the verdict, ‘well, that ruins that!’

    In this state, one solution to an infinite regress (of rejecting those thoughts, then ‘realizing’, ‘hey, isn’t that good, that you’ve rejected those ideas,’ etc.) is to approach God, “draw near with confidence to the throne of grace …” (Heb 4:16), and that gets me out of the self-praising self-remonstrating cycle. This all from that part in the C.S. Lewis quote, “we next offer our own humility to God’s admiration. Surely He’ll like that? Or if not that, our clear-sighted and humble recognition that we still lack humility.” That’s a similar infinite regress.

    So, please don’t say, “thanks Larry, another thing I now need to fight off during prayers!” because what I also mean to say is that an awareness (before or after the prayer) of ourselves, of little soldier Jason, for example, getting to approach God’s throne with his stuff, is extremely bracing, and edifying, and very good place for the stuff to be.


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